Business District

The future belongs to these immortal Titans. »

For centuries, man has built commercial structures, monuments dedicated to business and trade. With economic development, these "pagan temples" have come to occupy entire neighborhoods, perpetually expanding their reach over time. To assert their power and gain the trust of citizens, they were designed as dignified architectural statements marked by luxury and extravagance. Around the world, many of these beautiful, stately and imposing forms still bear the arrogance of a confident beauty.

From 2008 - 2009, we were introduced to the meaning of sub-prime and toxic debt. Globally, we engaged in a battle with the financial markets; traders became the new pariah. The financial centers, as well as the global banks, remain in the spotlight. Today, "doing business" has become a dirty word, and the reputation of these troubled institutions has disintegrated.

In my work, I offer a vision of the current economic situation. The "Business District" series is a metaphor for the world economy. Buildings blaze with fire, melting, dissolving, and sometimes sinking... yet we need not despair. They remain straight and imposing.

The future belongs to these immortal Titans.

The global economy remains both a cause of the problem and, paradoxically, part of the solution.

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Business District MMXV

Urban Tensions

Less is more. » -  Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

In these architectural photographs, Frederic-JG does not try to reproduce reality as it can be viewed passively. As if it were people, his main objective is to portray it, not an "objective" portrait in full, but rather a "suggested" portrait, a close-up.

His approach is to find the primary feature of the Architect, the initial idea, the detail at the origin of the whole.

Once this mind is captured, his work consists in extracting the idea from its context. Tightening the framing allows it to eliminate the superfluous, highlighting these details, essence of the building's personality. This foregrounding stage attracts the public who recognizes something.

By changing perspective, or from a point of view, the spectator questions himself, sometimes wondering what he has in front of him. He seeks to understand, understand and taste through photography the Art of the Architect.

Frederic-JG's photographs are simple, readable, but they force the viewer to position themselves in space to take his place, to put his eye in his viewfinder.

When the observer appropriates his photograph, there is his reward.

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One emotion, one abstraction

Nothing else to say, let your imagination go.

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Deserted Weapon Factory - D.W.F.

A factory in which men built weapons. A factory which made live a town. A factory which closed its doors … 

In its walls a considerable energy was spread, this energy is always there. In this series I wanted to show that even in an abandoned place, the energy persists, that it is possible to make it relive, to transform it. In this original matrix the life is going to return. 

Today these buildings are reborn in the form of zones of leisure activities, of cultural areas, some become again workplaces. 

By means of the people factories do not die.

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